Question #7: Two of the issues voters feel strongly about are cell service and parking. Which of these issues do you feel needs to be dealt with first and why?

Friday, November 3rd, 2017 @ 10:39AM

Kit DeverauxKit Devereaux
Candidate for First Selectman
Each issue will be resolved over a different time period, and therefore I would pursue them at the same time. These projects are large enough, and important enough, that a delayed start on either would move solutions to an unacceptably long completion date. Luckily, each project would require completely different committees with different sets of expertise. Consistent with this dichotomy, different types of management focus would also be required.

Sven EnglundSven Englund
Candidate For Town Council
I believe we can and should take up both cell infrastructure and parking simultaneously. Here’s how we have done that in a very brief description.

Cell phone improvements to coverage is an on going problem that has been moving forward through the Utilities Commission for the at least the last 4 years. Town Council has received presentations and updates throughout and approved monies for consultant retainers and other items as they have been brought to us.

Town Council has also had presentations form the Parking Commission on the general status of parking and reviewed and approved the decking of the Forest St. lot when it was brought to us. Now that the focus has switched to decking the Lumberyard lot we can take that up as the project proposals are ready.

Town government can walk and chew gum at the same time. The Selectmen, Town Council and Board of Finance are involved in both projects. There are separate Commissions and employees to handle nuts and bolts of two projects.

Elizabeth Gores DonovanLiz Gores Donovan
Candidate For Town Council
I don’t think either of these issues can wait. We need to move forward on both of them immediately. Once we have determined how to pay for what is needed, we may have to approach solutions in stages, to ensure we can spread out the cost. But lack of cell coverage and commuter parking are both inextricably linked to the issue of keeping our town competitive in terms of attracting future citizens and also in terms of making our current residents’ lives a bit better. If one absolutely had to choose, cell coverage would come first because of the emergency response issues.

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